Diverse Team

Research has consistently shown that diverse teams produce better results, provided they are well led. The ability to bring together people from different backgrounds, disciplines, cultures, and generations and leverage all they have to offer, therefore, is a must-have for leaders

(Ibarra and Hansen 2011: 71).


Every department in organisation is as important as organs in human bodies. Harmony is extremely vital for effective outcomes and brings peaceful within the organisation. However, globalization has such a huge impact on society also on organisations as well. There are many issues always come up in the organisation and one of the most common issues is about diversity.

According to InnovationTools.com, “Diversity is the key to creativity”. Therefore, Diverse team is the combination or a cluster of people in different backgrounds, societies, cultures, fields, and languages or even from different countries, which work in the same place and have the same achievement, which make an organisation become better. It can be a benefit or a barrier for different perspectives.  (InnovationTools.com, 2013)

Choosing the right team is one step further to success in the workplace. In Fashion Industry, this is one of the vital drivers to make things done perfectly. Due to the fact that fashion is all about creativity and style, having group of different wide range of people in a team is such a benefit for working on one project. Brainstorming is one of the early steps in the working process. It is much better to gather ideas and experiences from people in various fields than get it from people in the same scope or people who have the same experience and background. For example, making a show for one collection, there are many processes and many other departments that as a team have to deal with. In order to create such an incredible creative show, a team needs very fresh distinct idea to create unique show. Moreover, this will affect the impression of audiences and making profits for the brand in the future also improving brand performance and reputation for the best benefit.

According to Simon Mitchell, UK general manager and European marketing director at talent management consultancy DDI, he stated that to lead the diverse team is challenging and tough for managers because groups of people from different backgrounds, generations, cultures, ages, and etc. actually have different perspectives and thoughts. Therefore, managers should work very hard, be open-minded, and understand international culture environment. (Simon M., 2013)

Here is the top ten tips of how to manage diverse team from managementtoday.co.uk

1. Don’t have favourites

2. Give feedback

3. Just because you’ve gone on holiday there once, doesn’t mean you know the culture

4. Use social tools to communicate better

5. Have an open-door policy

6.Tackle conflict and build a common workplace culture

7. Communicate regularly to unify the team

8. Email is easily misunderstood

9. Treat others as you would like to be treated

10. Set an example (Simon M., 2013)

These ten tips are just some tools that managers can use to make their diverse team work efficiency. As a manager, he or she can use the benefits of diversity in the team to make the best outcomes due to the fact that, the more variety skills in the team, the more creative and productive works are made. For example, in a team who have to make a business plan for new boutique hotel in Bangkok. There are varieties in the team not only different in genders, ages, nationalities, but also in different expertise. Manager should know the strength of individual in the team and give a right task to the right person in the team for the best result. Not only team members will produce such a productive work, but also they might feel more comfortable and happier to during their work. This will bring the good atmosphere to the workplace and build the team spirit, which will lead to the bigger profit to the organisation.


On the other hand, some people may say no or avoid working in a diversity team because they thought that it is very easy to make a conflict in a workplace according to the misunderstanding of cultures and verbal languages. Moreover, people from different countries have different styles of working, this might lead to the delay of result or even annoyed by some of team member’s reaction. Then the disunity will happen in a workplace, make people feel uncomfortable to work and end up with the high turn over rate.

In conclusion, as a manager, he or she should firstly understand team members individually; make them feel comfortable to be in the team and asking them for feedbacks, like how they feel? Or anything that as a manager can help to improve for a better outcome. After I have been researched about pro and cons of diversity team plus my personal experience, I would say that working in a diversity team is more productive and people can learn from each other during they are working. Also, it is kind of people in a team can broaden their knowledge individually and get different ideas or perspectives to produce the best work for their organisation.


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