What type of leader are you?

At this stage in your studies of business and leadership, what type of leader are you? And how ready are you to lead others?

You should watch this video in order to understand how to become a great leader

To start with, these two videos are inspiring me to become a leader who led people to a better life.  I was dreaming to see my world (organisation) with happy workers in the near future, however, every single person has fear, I do as well, I was lack of confidence before, and I always think that I cannot be a leader. The reason is that I do not know how to control people; I do not know how to shout or command my team. Time goes by, I gain lots of experience when stating abroad for more than 5 years, I gain my confidence and I started to think that one day I could be a good leader. A good leader does not have to shout at their teams, I can control them like my parent does to my older brother and me but the thing is I have to be stronger in terms of spirit. After I have been through not only Leading in a Changing World course, but also Organisation Behaviour module, and Human Resources Management in my bachelor, it inspires me that everyone with strong passion and ethics can be an effective leader like one of the speaker said in the video.

Being a leader, you should have:

  • “Strong Vision”
  • Be optimistic (tings always be better)
  • BIG Ego (believe what they believe is right),
  • Charisma (connect with people that you are involved in)
  • PASSION (passionate what you do)
  • Trust (when go too deep it leads to Faith)
  • Alignment with Personal value

Moreover as I state before, personally, Confidence is essential but it should be in the moderate limit with morality. Also, a good leader should open for any opinions and suggestions from others no matter who they are. It might be useful not only for you but also for organisation as a whole. 597691d42 726587-topic-ix-1 my_king_paragraphparagraph_698

My inspired leader

I would say that The King of Thailand is my inspired leader; Thailand is one of many countries that respect our king. We as Thais known him by heart, everyone respects and believe in him because of what he did since he became the king of Thailand.

He improved and developed country not for himself but for Thai people, which he called as his children and we called him as father. He went to many places in very outskirt of the city like the place that we never think about before in order to see the problem and use his intelligence to find out the solution, but he did not give a solution back straight away, he taught people who involved in that situation or circumstance to do it as well, and let them think. The reason behind is that he wants them to learn and know how to survive by their own feet in the future if something happen. Furthermore, he was working since he was young until now he is sick but still coordinate with others to help Thais. He is such a good supportive leader, which I understand how effective leader is.


Colleagues Supports

Not only from Leading in a changing world class that when we had group activities in class, we always suggest and give feedback to each other. What I learnt from them is that I know and clearly understand what I have to do, but I have to be more organized and precise especially with the time management. I am quite laid back person, and always panic when I see the deadline. They always say that I am such a creative person, I do appreciate that because I want to work in the event or organizer companies which creativity is a must. I am always responsible for decorate and making visual presentation because I love what I did. The outcomes are always positive and sometimes I learn from mistakes that I did which I can use to develop my skill in the future.


Developing Leadership Skills

I would say being more decisive and stronger in spirit in different situation due to the fact that in my class within fashion major, the majority of nationality is Chinese, and I found the huge barrier of communication and misunderstanding about cultures. However, in this industry, fashion, we need a connection for effective results. Moreover, being supportive is another area that I have to integrate to colleagues, I always do double work because they get used to with my kindness. Being supportive does not mean finish any tasks for others but teach and tell them how to do it. Last but not least, I have to learn how to trust my team members, I always afraid of their working styles so, I have to build a trust on them and getting to understand them more in the future.


“We can give back more than we receive”


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